• In the ballroom business since 1978
  • NADTA certified dance instructor - graduated top of her class
  • Competed professionally for 22 consecutive years  in over
    200 competitions in the Professional American Rhythm and
    Professional American Smooth divisions
  • Won over 160 awards in national and regional professional
  • U.S. National Finalist 1992 – Professional American Rhythm
    Rising Star
  • Competed against several National Champions in American
    Rhythm and Smooth
  • Competed in over 160 Professional/Amateur competitions, her
    students placing 1st, 2nd or 3rd 90+% of the time
  • Trained in both American and International styles
  • Taught over 4,500 students and 18,000 hours in the past
    34 years
  • Taught groups as large as 200 students
  • Has been teaching 2 particular students for 30 consecutive years
  • Recipient of many top teacher awards
  • Member of the National Dance Council of America (NDCA) since its inception
  Just a few of her competition achievements:
  • 1st Place Open Professional American Rhythm Houston Open
  • 1st Place Professional American Smooth Rising Star Wisconsin State Dancesport Championships
  • 1st Place Professional American Smooth Rising Star Cleveland Dancesport Championships
  • 2nd Place Professional American Rhythm Rising Star Heart of America Dancesport Championships

Ask any professional ballroom dance judge, coach or competition organizer if they know Pam Rutherford and most likely the answer will be, "Of course I do!". Known for being extremely modest, altruistic and cordial, Pam is one of the best in the business and it is very fortunate to have her as the Dance Director at Fred Astaire Quad Cities. Because of this, you can be assured that by learning from her or one of her instructors you are learning the correct way to dance from your very first lesson.
Pam Rutherford and Chris George

Pam's extensive training is from the very best in the ballroom business. Her coaches and teachers include:

  • Corky & Shirley Ballas   (3-time World Champions and 8-time undefeated US Champions- International Latin)
  • Sammy Stopford & Barbara McColl   (World Champions - International Latin)
  • Stephen & Lindsey Hillier   (3-time World Champions - International Standard)
  • Bob Powers   (12-time undefeated US American Rhythm Champion, 3-time World Mambo Champion)
  • Ron Montez   (7-time undefeated US Champion International Latin, World & British finalist)
  • Glen Weiss   (2-time World Champion - International Standard; Blackpool, UK & European Champion)
  • Peter Eggleton   (3-time World Champion - International Standard, 3-time British Open Champion, 6-time UK & European Champion, Coach & teacher to many world & national champions; the teacher's teacher)
  • Shirley Johnson   (2-time US International Latin Champion)
  • Rick Valenzuela   (US International Latin Champion)
  • Sam Sodano   (Owner of the Ohio Star Balll & co-owner of several other major competitions)
  • Glenis Dee   (2-time US representative to the World Championships plus many International Latin championships)
  • Marianne Nicole   (US Rising Star American Style Champion, undefeated US Theater Arts Champion, North American Latin Champion, US representative to the World International Latin Championships)
  • Robert Richey   (World and Blackpool International Latin finalist)
  • Wendy Johnson   (New Zealand Ballroom and Latin Champion, World Class choreographer)
  • Rufus Dustin   (US Champion in American Style, International Latin and Theatrical Arts)
  • Pierre Alaire (Canadian National Champion International Standard and International Latin)