Wedding Programs

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Wedding Packages

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First Dance or General Dance Private Lessons

  • Let us know the artist and the name of your special song. We'll tell you what dance can be danced to it.
  • If you don't have a special song yet, don't worry. You can choose from hundreds of songs we have in our studio!
  • For First Dance lessons, we'll teach you several of the steps of that dance and then create a beatutiful and fun routine to perform at your wedding!
  • We'll also teach you the appropriate dance position for both man and lady, technique, styling, posture, appearance and presentation.
  • These lessons are for one person or a couple.
  • 4 private lessons.

Bridal Party Group Lessons

  • We'll teach your bridal party several steps in 2 or 3 different dances of your choice and create nice routines that can be used to dance around the room.
  • We'll also teach you the appropriate dance position for both man and lady.
  • 4 group lessons.
  • Minimum of 6 participants required.
Dance into your new lives together with grace and beauty on your special day!

Don't leave this important part of your wedding to chance. Imagine what you will look like in your wedding videos without professional dance lessons from Fred Astaire of the Quad Cities.

  • Learn the correct way to dance right from the start
  • Learn a routine to your special song
  • Leave an impression that will last a lifetime
  • Find a new expression of your love for each other

Why procrastinate? Wouldn't you like to be the envy of EVERYBODY at your wedding? We highly recommend beginning 2-4 months prior to your wedding. This way you will have plenty of time for your lessons and practices right up until your wedding day!

We offer lessons for:

  • Your First Dance
  • Father/Daughter Dance
  • Mother/Son Dance
  • Bridal Party Lessons
  • Honeymoon
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